The Diract Beats Production Team.

Our Goal Is To Provide Nothing But The Best Music Productions.

The Diract Beats production team was founded in 2011 by Juan Boadella. In 2015 it became part of the Anno Domini Nation music production company.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our trademark. It’s our endeavour to provide you with original, studio quality music productions for your artistic projects.

  • All beats are 100% royalty free
  • Studio quality, untagged and ready to use files
  • Quick and secure instant beat store
  • Immediate access to the download links
Our Team
Diract Beats

Juan Boadella

Juan is the founder of Diract Beats. He has worked as a producer for countess artists from all over the world and now is one of the main producers of Diract Beats.

Eisenhauer Portrait

Eisenhauer Beats

Eisenhauer is a boom bap dominant underground hip hop producer who brings back to you the classical sound of the mid-late 90ies in an updated and more complex way you than you have never heard before!

Breathtaking Beats

Breathtaking Beats

Breathtaking Beats was sitting the first time behind the keys of a piano at the age of 4 years, so he knows exactly how to compose melodies that catch the listeners feelings!  Simply Breathtaking.

The Rhapsodist

The Rhapsodist

The Rhapsodist tells rhapsodies through instrumentation, just like a soundtrack complements a movie’s plot. He’s known for his underground style and ability to paint a picture without words.

Tunna Beats

Underground come up from Croatia. Tunna has been producing since 2008, his main influences are Stoupe, Anno Domini and the Snowgoons. He is the newest addition to the team and simply a beast.

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